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             do every activity you want to do... capably, safely, effectively. 


What do I do?

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Through a playful yet technical form of movement-oriented, group personal training, I help you look better, feel stronger, and move more capably, with mindfulness and freedom - just like you were designed to.



I apply design thinking to:

  1. Understanding how the body is designed to move in 3-dimensional space.

  2. Developing fun, challenging programs and personalized corrective feedback and strategies for all clients within a medium-sized, group-training format.


Everyone wants to be strong enough to play, work hard, help others, and explore the world around them. (and of course they want to look good too).

Don't let physical weakness, frustration, lack of motivation, or intimidation get in your way. 

Instead, surprise yourself as you develop adaptable skills and capabilities. Week by week you'll find that you're more of aware of yourself and what you're able to see and do in the great big world that's all around you.


Who can I help?

Movement-oriented fitness training is for everyone and I've got a strategy for you.

Each class brings a new victory and I’m gaining strength that I notice in my daily life - I have more energy and feel more like myself. I’m rediscovering the athlete within and that stronger version of myself.
— Jessica
The combination of basic human movement, balance, and form coupled with strength training, cardio, and even yoga-like routines creates a workout that challenges my status quo... it’s amazingly fun, and extremely rewarding.
— Justin
I enjoy it because each approach, each session, is different even though we’re working on the same number of basic skill sets. Though I’m becoming stronger and have better balance, the level of challenge goes up as well. It’s certainly not the same old boring exercise class.
— Cindy

Reap the benefits of group personal training


Individualized Attention

With a small group setting of roughly 6 people you get the best of both worlds - the energy of the group plus my help with minor adjustments and corrections when you need them most.


In group personal training every person brings an important dynamic to the rest of the team. Your people count on you to be there and they notice when you're gone.


The world is becoming increasingly crowded and as a result you tend to be treated more like a number and less like a human being with value. Group personal training in a smaller gym setting fosters a shared sense of community, encouragement, and healthy competition. 

A unique approach

1. Class size that allows for individualized attention

2. Whole body capability in five movement categories

3. Trunk twisting & contralateral movement patterns

4. Adaptable movement

5. Mindfulness & Nature connection

6. Class sequence & structure

Peace of mind and a fit body

I am committed to your success. That's why it's so important to assess where you are when you begin and talk about what goals you want to shoot for. Then I can continue to monitor your progress and give continuous strategic guidance along the way.

I realize that my programs are not for everyone. I encourage everyone to come in and try a free session first before committing.

Lastly, I've removed any risk for you with my 100% hassle-free cancellation policy.