Want to Get Better With Age? You Can With These 6 Tips

I’d like to share a post by Karen Weeks who hosts ElderWellness. Thank you Karen for this great article!

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Being a senior does not have to put limits on your life. More than ever, older adults are taking control over their lives and living each day to the fullest. If you are looking for simple ways to maintain your health and happiness, then look no further than these useful tips.


Be Careful What You Eat 


Nutrition is always important, but it becomes even more essential as you get older. Making your meals at home is the best way to stay healthy, but some seniors may need extra help to make it happen. For seniors who want to eat healthy at home, smartphone apps make it easier than ever to put together shopping lists, have groceries delivered, or even provide recipes. To make meals even more accessible, you can also sign up for meal delivery services, such as Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, or look into services like Meals on Wheels.


Take Some Exercise Classes


Your activity level can also play a critical role in promoting healthy aging. The CDC has found that older adults who get regular physical exercise see quite a few benefits for their mental and physical health. Exercise helps reduce the risk of colon cancer, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases. Getting a regular workout can also increase your stamina and energy levels. Best of all, even basic workouts can help you stay active enough to stay healthy as a senior.


Put Together a Puzzle


If you love games and puzzles, then you may already be benefiting your brain. These activities provide some stress relief, but they can also help to improve your memory and enhance your overall cognition. In short, playing games can reduce your risk of developing conditions like Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Not into puzzles? Then try taking up a new hobby to keep your mind sharp. Cooking, playing music, or even origami are all stress-relieving hobbies that can help calm your body and keep your mind strong too.


Make Some Travel Plans


These are the golden years of your life, so why not make the most of them by getting out and seeing the world? Travel for seniors can add years to your life by helping your heart and can help ease feelings of depression as well. So, take a road trip to some U.S. National Parks or book a cruise to the Caribbean. Just remember to follow some helpful travel tips, such as arranging transportation around mobility issues and making sure you drink plenty of water.


Give Back to Your Community


Feeling connected is also very important for preserving your health. Whether it’s social interaction with others or an understanding of the self, you need connection to preserve your mental health and avoid feelings of loneliness. You can maintain your own social connection by making dinner dates with friends and spending more time with loved ones. One other positive way you can stay connected is to volunteer your time to causes that you believe in. Whether it is teaching young people how to read or helping to build homes for those in need, giving back is a wonderful way to nurture your health and soul while meeting other positive people.


Learn to Live in the Moment


One of the benefits of being older is having an ability to be at peace with your world. You can find peace and control in your life by learning to live in the moment. Focus on the present and try to savor the details of each minute. Use meditation to separate yourself from your thoughts so that you can stay centered. Finally, take a few moments to breathe every once in a while. Relax your body and mind so that you can find peace and happiness wherever you are.


Older adults have so much to look forward to already, but with this list, you can make your golden years even better. So, take care of your health, stay connected to the world around you, and make the most of all of the adventures that are ahead.


 Photo Credit: Pixabay