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Our Approach


Class Size

I prefer a medium-sized group training format with a client-to-instructor ratio of roughly 8:1 to ensure we give clients the feedback they need and so that we can get to know our clients personally.

Total Physical Capability

I train people in all aspects of physical capability - mobility (flexibility under power), strength, explosive power, speed, stamina, agility, balance, and coordination.

Five Whole-Body Movement Categories

Every session covers compound movements in five general categories - push, pull, squat, core, and hip hinge / posterior chain.

Trunk Twist & Contralateral Patterns

As bi-pedal creatures we are designed to move on two feet - to run, jump and throw. We focus a great deal of attention on transverse rotation (trunk twist) and contralateral movement patterns (X-shaped patterns where opposite limbs move simultaneously).

Adaptable Human Movement

My curriculum also covers functional and adaptable human movement skills - running, jumping, vaulting, crawling, throwing, slinging, climbing, rolling and traversing. Strategically chosen, specific exercises mean that movements patterns are reinforced and session content is constantly rotating. No session is ever boring!

Connection With The Great Outdoors

We believe that humans were made to be outside. It's only recently that we have come to spend the majority of our lives indoors. There is an innate connection that all humans experience with the natural world (Biophilia) and it is that connection that we seek to restore. As a result, we choose to take our sessions outside as often as we can and continue to exploring ways to blur the boundaries between the interior spaces and the outdoors.

Class sequence

Our sessions follow the same basic sequence:

  • Warm Up

  • Specific Skill Emphasis

  • Practice Circuits

  • Recovery / Group Game

  • Stretch